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3 Responses to SHALOM!

  1. Hinda says:

    I had mistakenly downloaded your entire podcasts in iTunes as it was erroneously listed in Judaism. Even though you are speaking of Torah – you are insulting Torah by combining Jesus with it. As a person of the Jewish faith, I do find it as an insult as we are still awaiting for the Moshiach for the first time.

    I will not go into detail as how Jesus was not the Moshiach nor as a prophet. I do respect goyim as in the Christians who will defend Yisroel from the Amelakites (the enemy of mankind) along with Hindus who also respect Israel and the Children of Israel of which I am.

    Please request iTunes to place your podcasts into the proper area of Christianity.

    Todah – Thank you.

    • i4tk says:

      Thank you for posting. We do not promote “Jesus” anywhere on this blog, but rather we exalt Yahusha as the true Messiah of Yisrael. You did not download this podcast by accident. Yahuah the Most High is trying to bring you out of darkness, and into his marvelous Light. I will honor your request, and I will pray for your salvation. Shalom.

    • i4tk says:

      @Hinda. I just checked iTunes and found that our podcast is listed under “Religion & Spirituality”, not “Judaism”.

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