Join Us As We Study The Prophets

About two months ago, Israelites For The Kingdom embarked on a new venture.  We strongly believe that in order to be properly restored to the ancient paths, we need to be well versed in the torah and the nebi’im/prophets.  At the time that we started this new venture, we had just concluded an entire year of studying the torah in depth.

Our new venture is the study of the books of the nebi’im in chronological order.  We started with Yonah/Jonah, and we are currently in YeshaYahu/Isaiah.  We would like for you to join us in our journey.  We go through just a few chapters each shabbat and expound upon them, showing how they point to our Messiah Yahusha. We also magnifying prophecies concerning the children of Yisrael that have been historically misconstrued and neglected by the religious world, but are now being brought forth by the Ruach Ha’Kodesh in truth and in power in these last days.

Join us every week live as we take this wonderful journey.  If you are not able to catch us live, and you would like to stay current with our lessons, SUBSCRIBE TO OUR BLOG.  This is the only way to receive these lessons.  Our archives contain our lessons from our beginning ( about 2.5 years ago ) up to the Festival of Shavuot this year.  All of our lessons which we have put out since then must be obtained by subscribing.  Shalom.


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